Montana ~ and the Bitterroot National Forest ~ have been asked to provide the
Capitol Christmas Tree for 2008.

Finding the perfect Christmas tree and celebrate the holidays is an American tradition
shared by many, but it can be a daunting task.  So imagine trying to find the perfect
Christmas tree to display in front of the nation’s Capitol.

This is the task the Bitterroot National Forest , headquartered in Hamilton, Montana
faces, as it prepares to host the 2008 Capitol Christmas Tree.  

Asking a National Forest to provide “the People’s Tree” as the Capitol Tree is often
called, is a tradition that started in 1970.  Each year since then , a different National
Forest and the State in which the Forest is located, are asked provide The Tree, and
all of the trimmings how to unfriend on Facebook as a gift to our nation.

We have the opportunity to showcase all that is special about Montana ~ the beauty
of her natural resources , the products & services of her businesses , the richness of
her cultures, and the talents & generosity of her people .

While our primary task is to provide a magnificent 60+ foot tree for the Capitol, we
also need to provide :
- 70+ smaller trees, for congressional offices and agency & organizations
headquarters throughout D.C..
- 5000+ handmade ornaments.
- Community events, Receptions, Parades, & Soirees, here in Montana and in D.C.,
Along the way, we’ll have the chance to promote civic involvement & pride, enhance
existing partnerships and create a few new ones , and celebrate the richness of our
natural resources and the talents & generosity of all Montanans .

The Tree Lighting Ceremony in Washington DC
at the United States Capitol is on Dec juegos friv 2nd

We are very fortunate to have SkyBitz supply us with a tracking system that will go on
the trailer that is taking The Tree back to D.C. Once The Tree and the caravan
leaves Hamilton on Nov 4th you will be able to track the caravan and The Tree back
to D.C,  The duration of the trip is going to be Nov 4th to Nov 23rd and it will be Live
on the web.
Finding the Nation’s Christmas Tree…      
in the Bitterroot Valley .
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See what Vermont
did in 2007!

The Tree that we picked is a Subalpine Fir. The total
height of the tree was 100 ft tall and it grew at juegos de amor 5500 ft in
elevation in the Sapphire Mountains of Western Montana.
We cut the Tree down to 73 feet and used the
remainder of the trunk to cut into "cookies" which we will
brand with the Capitol Christmas Tree logo
and present to the Tree Team and sponsors.
The official song of the 2008 Capitol Christmas Tree Music
and Lyrics by
Sam Kinsinger of Hamilton helps put ornaments made by different
Montana Indian children on a companion Christmas tree that was
delivered to the National Museum of the American Indian in
Washington, D.C. Monday morning. The tree was one of 80
companion trees delivered around the city from Montana this
holiday season. - PERRY BACKUS - Ravalli Republic
NEWS COVERAGE - Our local TV stations will
have the following coverage of the tree lighting:
KECI - Channel 13 - 5, 6 and 10pm Local News
KPAX - Website coverage